Ow (…with extensive parenthetical comments)

We decided to call this first blog post “ow” because when I asked Morgan what she wanted the subject of our first blog post to be, she stood up and said “ow” (might of had something to do with stumble/ankle issue).

To celebrate our first blog post, we are sitting in Morgan’s AC’d bedroom (it’s reDONKulously hot out) so we can drink our tea (chamomile for Drew; decaf chai for Morgan–whatta wimp) and consume dark chocolate (healthy?) and Egg Challah rolls (“that really good jewish bread”–Morgan). Morgan is on her second Challah roll (“this is NOT as fluffy as my first one”). (“wow, we use a LOT of parenthesis”–Drew)

Welcome to our first blog post (fourth mention? can you tell we’re excited?). We even have a deadline (when Morgan’s mom finishes watching the Oklahoma v. the Heat game and needs her laptop back), it’s that legit.

Tonight, we hit the town for dinner, a little froyo and pre-teen intimidation (what are the kids wearing these days?!)–before a trip to Whole Foods. Shopping at Whole Foods is an experience–a STRESSFUL EXPERIENCE. Exhibit A: Morgan wavers between conventional Canadian peppers and organic Holland (Hollish? Dutch? from Holland) peppers.

WFS (Whole Foods stressin’) #toughtohaveaconscience

We also perused the tea isle (and by isle, I literally mean an island of tea. I wouldn’t just misspell aisle on our first blog post…sixth mention? overkill?) Exhibit B:

What to choose?!

After much deliberation, Morgan decided on some Tazo chai decaf and Drew, some Teapigs chamomile. Warning: Whole Foods tea is made out of gold. That’s why it’s SO EXPENSIVE. But it’s worth it for you readers (readers, by which we mean, ourselves). Morgan is thoroughly enjoying her chai (she’s never had chai before. Whatta sheltered kid. She appreciates the incentive this blog has given her to diversify her tea repetiore). Drew is loving the Teapigs chamomile, both the tea and the packaging (fancy box and the fancy mesh teabag which “morgan #%?!& hates” because according to her it looks like a RASH–readers I assure you it DOES NOT. It is filled with flowers). (Morgan hates the word RASH (including Drew’s capitalization of it) due to some unfortunate childhood poison ivy experience…therefore the word will now be referred to as R-SH in this blog. Morgan has also just shared that she “now wants to go throw up my egg challah”).

Whoa deadline is fast approaching. But we know you have one last, pressing question–which peppers did Morgan choose?! Canada. Hoping it’s the close-ish, near-Maine Canada, and not the above-Washington-Canada (just had to look at a U.S. map to figure out what borders Canada, Oregon or Washington…or do those states border Alaska? pathetic).

So here’s to our FIRST BLOG POST! Seventh mention. Good thing seven is our lucky number.

A’ight, tea you later (still working on a pun-y farewell),


P.S. Preview to future individual posts: Morgan’s new obsession with The West Wing (in which she will compare Pres. Bartlet and Leslie Knope of Parks and Rec); Drew’s analyzation of the socio-economic-political situation in the U.S. (…kidding…about the second part).

P.S.S. Morgan just got REALLY excited when she saw the “one thought” on our first blog post…too bad it was just from Mr. WordPress (see below). Damnit.


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