Paper Kites

Paper Kites is an Australian band (Australia, so cool, right?) from Melbourne, and if you like all those almost unbearably indie bands like The Head and the Heart, Of Monsters and Men and The Lumineers, you’ll like them. Actually, if you like those bands you’ve probably already heard of Paper Kites, and I’m just woefully out of touch having just recently begun listening to them.


So, so indie 

My sole criticism of this band is that they have released only one EP in 2011 consisting of six songs, which is pretty lame because they are AWESOME. One of those bands who manage to be both pleasingly mellow and loud. Here’s the cover art and track list for their EP, “Woodland”:

  1. Woodland
  2. Featherstone
  3. Halcyon
  4. Willow Tree March
  5. The Mortal Boy King
  6. Bloom

My favorite song is probably “Bloom,” closely followed by “Woodland,” “Featherstone,” and “Halcyon.” I’m not as big of fan of “Willow Tree March” or “The Mortal Boy King,” but that’s simply a matter of taste, and I think they work well to diversify the sound of the EP. Still, “Bloom” kills me–it’s not as if the lyrics are terribly profound, but there’s something about the opening banjo (I have strange obsession with that instrument), or the oo-ing, or perhaps the whistling. Whatever it is, here’s the music video, courtesy of YouTube:

And here’s their myspace. Check ‘em out.


P.S. @ morgan: yeah that’s right, I did just beat you to our SECOND OFFICIAL BLOG POST #suckstobeowned

P.S.S. @ morgan: and, it’s really remarkable I managed to do that, since you’ve got me pathetically obsessed with parks and recs #allI’vebeenwatchingforthepast24hrs


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