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A Very Sorkin Summer

With a casual subtitle of: (OH MY GOODNESS- look at how legit our blog looks with Drew’s title art!!)

Readers- I do believe the most influential factor in my course registration process (now completed- HUZZAH!) was my oh-so-dedicated “The West Wing” (on-going) marathon.  I am on my 32nd episode (Season 2, Episode 9) and am thoroughly enjoying the fast-paced script and plot lines.  I have 123 episodes to go and lucky-me has another Sorkin show to keep track of this summer- “The Newsroom!”

The first of ten episodes of “The Newsroom” aired Sunday night at 10pm on HBO, and so I (HBO-less) watched it online this morning with my chai tea and favorite combo of blueberries+cereal with no milk (I like a crisp crunch).  There is an unbelievably fantastic cast with Jeff Daniels as news anchor Will McAvoy and Emily Mortimer as Mackenzie MacHale, McAvoy’s Executive Producer (and ex-girlfrienddd whhhatt!).  Did you know Mortimer was the voice of young Sophie in Hayao Miyazaki’s animated classic “Howl’s Moving Castle?” I did.  Love her.  I remember her from “Dear Frankie,” a movie shown in my school’s ‘Fundance’ Film Festival a number of years ago.

Additionally, she brings along a good-looking Assistant Producer (honestly not 100% solid on these titles yet…) with a fiiiiiine accent.  But let’s be clear- I was hooked before the young, intelligent, good-looking assistant guy (you know- the one with the fine accent) came on screen.  Indeedee- just watch the first scene and you’ll probably be thinking, ‘hey- I hear you Jeff Daniels, tell me more.’ Because, in the process of him telling you more and you getting more engrossed by the characters (hey there Dev Patel!), relationships, and world you’ve seen a peek of, you will also probably feel immensely justified in your decision to have bfast in bed because you feel smart watching this show.

Plus it’s raining a little bit outside- wait- was that thunder? Yah, better stay curled up and feel intellectual.  P.S. That intellectual feeling and that feeling of a show hitting home has stayed with me all day.  I’m really looking forward to next Monday morning.

I read a few articles about the show and thought I’d share a few quotes…

From Dave Nemetz’s article, “Aaron Sorkin’s ‘The Newsroom’ and The Rise of Smart Summer TV” (how refreshing),

“…MacKenzie convinces [McAvoy] to join forces with her to create a cable newscast that both informs the electorate and gets big ratings– and, more importantly, to put his fearsome intellect to good use and dare to give a crap again.”

I would say she tries to convince him but YIKES there’s some tension…But to “dare to give a crap again,” I thought that was an apt description and a phrase that just stuck I suppose.

From “A Big Story Developing on HBO’s ‘The Newsroom'” by Frazier Moore:

“You don’t look to Sorkin for car chases, pyrotechnics or other spectacle. It’s his words — playful, brainy, heartfelt and often fired out in hot-potato exchanges — that do the heavy lifting.”

Action scenes aren’t the driving force of the whole thing? Words can do WHHHAAT?

“Sorkin describes his style as ‘aspirational writing. I’m less interested in the difference between good and bad, than in the difference between good and great. As with Tom Cruise in ‘A Few Good Men’ or Michael Douglas in ‘The American President,’ he goes on, pointing to a pair of his hit films, ‘I like taking good guys who are getting by with charm and high IQ and who then, for whatever reason, are forced to be better. And be great.'”

Interesting. Egg Challah that.

A promo vid for you, dear readers-

So here’s to a Sorkin Summer!

Links to the two articles I mentioned:



Yup I may watch Sorkin shows but it still seems that the depressing fact I read Yahoo articles rings true…*sigh*



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