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Sushi, Egg Challah, Cherries, and a Movie

= Morgan’s take on “TREAT YO SELF.” (

When the hot weather cooled down a little bit and (I admit-) my eyes were a little sore from watching The West Wing, I decided I needed to take a break and watch a movie. (Goodness I crack myself up.)  While an episode had been loading earlier in the afternoon, I had brought up on my screen and re-watched the trailer for Take This Waltz.  The movie was released today, but I knew from a little investigating it hadn’t opened anywhere nearby, but what’s that?  Available on demand?  Perfecto!

So off I went to Whole Foods to pick up some dinner.  I hardly ever eat cherries.  I honestly can’t remember having a cherry before I picked up a bag of fresh cherries from a farmer’s market a few weeks or so ago on my choir trip.  The second to last time I remember having one was two summers before on the same tour- the town we sang in had arranged some tables with food for people to eat in the courtyard and mingle after our concert.  Now I really can’t remember having a cherry before that. Dang those post-concert cherries were so delicious.  So fresh and novel.  The ones from the farmer’s market were too.  The ones from Whole Foods not so much.  I can’t help picking them up though, even if they only remind me of their tastier counterparts, or maybe I pick them up because of that shadow-y, memory-y comparison.

So I got my cherries, picked up a CA roll and was pleased to find that the egg challah had been restocked.  (Reader, I was completely downhearted when I searched the bread shelves a few days ago to find NO egg challah- GAH!)  Back at my apartment, all set up for my ‘me night in,’ (everybody should enjoy these every once in awhile- again, TREAT YO SELF- I mean- if you’re into this strange play (and more…anti-social?) on a girls’ night out), and began Take This Waltz.

For those of who you don’t know/don’t stalk Michelle Williams/don’t check Apple Trailers everyday- I mean week—oh god I thought I swallowed a cherry seed- false alarm- here’s the link to the trailer page.

You see, even from the quick scenes shown in the first trailer I knew I wanted to see this movie because there’s this almost immediate ‘click’-y thing between Michelle Williams’s character Margot and Luke Kirby’s character Daniel- yah ok so mayyyybe I get hooked in by these romantic-whatever movies- MEH- treat yo self!!

But Daniel’s line, “I feel like being out in the world with you.  Can we spend the day together?” And the airplane clip (ok some lines in that clip make a lot more sense when you’ve watched the first five minutes of the movie that precede this scene- they didn’t meet on the plane exactly- they were touring the same castle/fortress and then he sees her being pushed in a wheelchair in the airport…that is, to make sure she doesn’t get lost she pretends she has leg problems and is brought around in a wheelchair) and his laugh and the exchange:

MARGOT: “I’m afraid of connections…I don’t like being in between things…I’m afraid of being afraid.”

DANIEL: “That sounds like the most dangerous thing in the world”

And the scenes with the theme park’s ride- like Mind Scrambler, my favorite ride at the local theme park- all snowballed into a really thoughtful and (11:11!  The Universe is winking at us!) thought-provoking movie.

Oh- huh.  Never saw Trailer #2- good quote for the movie though: “It’s a kind of longing…a kind of idiotic, marvelous ridiculous longing.”  For a while it’s seems like it’s Daniel she needs to fill the “gap”(Trailer 2 too I think) in her life, but as the film seems to come full circle in this sort of saddening yet hopeful sort of way, the “longing” is slowly redefined as an inward “longing” for the self.

I was also super impressed by the soundtrack- I’m on a desperate hunt for the playlist, but here’s one of the songs I’ve come up with, “Green Mountain State” by Corinna Rose & The Rusty Horse Band,

(I like a little melodica to add some soft harmonica-toned charm.)

Band camp‘s description:

“Corinna Rose is the stage name of folk singer/songwriter Corey Gulkin. Based in Montreal, Roseʼs style is inspired by folk, pop and rock musicians including Kate & Anna McGarrigle, Weezer and Regina Spektor. Rose crafts songs that simultaneously capture the warmth, joy and darkness of the folk tradition, and her music is marked with heart-wrenching personal nuance.”

While trying to look up another song (my sources tell me there were a lot of Canadian groups featured in Take This Waltz) through googling a lyric, I found something cool- an essay by Eckart von Hirschhausen.  (Loving the domino effect of awesomeness going on right now for me.)  He was “born 1967 in Frankfort/Main, is a qualified physician, cabaret artist and author. His Foundation ‘Humour Helps Healing’ sponsors clowns who visit sick children in hospitals.”  (The website included this little bio at the bottom of the page.)

In the essay he writes, “Life belongs to amateurs, and to the ‘forever young’ of all ages.”

Egg Challah that Hirschhausen.  Really though- where did that bread go?


An Amateur (at waltzing among other things, like life)


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