Dear Drew,

I didn’t have a hot dog today to celebrate July 4th.  Didn’t watch any fireworks or put on much red, white, or blue.  In fact, I wore my pjams all day, and the finale of Season 4 is loading in another window, i.e. I’ve been watching West Wing all day (so yes- my internet access is shaky but back).

Just saw 11:11 PM in the top right corner of my screen. I think I mentioned an 11:11 sighting before- I believe it means the Universe or somebody out there is winking at you.  So, because I’m not a fantastic winker, I just returned the wink with, “I miss you O’Neil.”  Thought I’d try and take a screenshot of the time, because I’m sentimental about 11:11s and all, and in my mind I thought- bet that :12’s gonna pop up when I move the mouse to capture that section of the screen.  After I lowered my eyes as my finger pushed down the shift key, I smiled when I glanced back after that second- sure enough the moment was over.  It was 11:12PM.

And after I finish this episode of the West Wing, it’ll be July 5th, and it’ll be two years and a day. Maybe I’ll come back to this post later, but for now I thought I’d let you know that my internet access is back and that I hope yours was a good July 4th :]

Love, love, love,



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