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Moonrise (banana, nutella, chocolate crunch) Kingdom

Drew and I like to frequent a movie theater in town that’s a little run-down (despite its new funky pre-start-of-the-movie-opening…followed by a ‘find your closest exit’ slide that somehow wasn’t revamped…) and thus lovable in this time of mega-theater craziness. We often go there to see movies that are a little bit more indie, having diverged from the mainstream selection of the mega-theaters. (Though our small Bow Tie Theater (#2 reason of its awesomeness = ‘bow tie’ name) isn’t showing “No Safety Guaranteed” MAH!) Anywhos- wanted to let you know that I saw “Moonrise Kingdom” there a few days ago and it was an all-around awesommmme film.

It’s bound to be fantastic when Bob Balaban (see above [awks how I almost got him confused with Ron Rikfin, a.k.a. Sloane from “Alias,” side note: I’m crazy jealous those guys can pull off circular glasses]) is the narrator of the story. And really the first thing that clued me in should have been the fact that Wes Anderson was the director and writer, but this is the first film of his I’ve seen so now I’m in the loop.  Anywhos Drew, it’s this awesome story of love and uncommonly long-lasting bold blue eyeshadow, a wonderfully dysfunctional family and Edward Norton (Scout Master Ward) being a boss- I mean, look at his crew:

There’s my fav little guy, “Lazy Eye,” on the right.

Not only was the SCRIPT amazing and the CAST absolutely STELLAR- the SOUNDTRACK was CrAzY gOoD. (Note the use of crazy capitalization, if you would). Take a listen on grooveshark. Three tracks I keep listening to (when I’m not listening to the album all the way through) are Françoise Hardy’s “Le Temps de l’Amour,” Hank Williams’s “Ramblin’ Man,” and “Songs From Friday Afternoons, Op. 7: ‘Cuckoo!'” sung by the Choir of Downside School.

Alrighties, now it’s time to let Bill Murray take you around a bit…

So yah. Good movie. (A side note for your consideration: I’d definitely see it again.)



PS- a note on this post’s title: beforehand- I split a banana, nutella, choco crunch crêpe (new choice on menu) with Fosta and mumziedearest. YUM.

PPS- spotted: Ron Swanson’s hat (or a young Ron?? hmm she’s more of a red head though…)

(Poor quality [apologies, but also you’re welcome] “Parks & Rec” reference video here.)


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