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West Wing For Liiiiiiiiiife

Dear Drew,

At 3:31 today, July 30th 2012, I closed the safari window of “Tomorrow,” the last episode of “The West Wing.”  It’s been an emotional two months since I watched the pilot and, seven seasons later, I have no regrets about the insane amount of time I have dedicated to this show.  (If I did the math right…about 102.23333 hrs…ish.)  I’ve burst out laughing and burst out crying– sobbing really…these characters really get to you ok?? I mean you commit 102 hrs to Toby, Jed, Josh, Leo, CJ, Charlie, Donna, Will, Joey Lucas, Danny, Santos, Margaret, Kate, Mrs. Landingham…and dammit they’ll pull at your heartstrings!  At least they pulled on mine and I’m really, really glad for it.

Drew, I’m naming my dog Toby.  And a child.  Not Tobias- (too many “Arrested Development” scenes in my head,) just Toby.  Maybe not a kid- definitely a few dogs though.  God, I love Tobias Zachary Ziegler.  And the stress ball he shatters office windows with.

West Wing: a good show, a good show about integrity, friendship, commitment, and I’m putting it out there- personhood.

I’m going to go watch YouTube WW montages now.




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