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Dear Drew,

I went to my first ‘Mac Football Game!’  And by that I mean that I went to my first Mac Poetry Slam this past Friday!!!!  (But actually- the athlete housing got replaced by a veggie co-op.)  It was AWESOME.  Some of the best things I love about poetry and stories and public speaking COMBINED!  I was so inspired and energized by the performances (and the audience interactions with the performers were moving and awesome and the booing/yaying with the host and handful of randomly chosen scorers in the audience– highly entertaining).  Some were quiet, tingly-warm pieces, some made me tense up and furrow my eyebrows, some made me laugh and nudge a neighbor, some elicited snaps (supa classy), and some rendered me completely silent, holding my breath.  And the ambiance?  We were all packed in a dark room in the basement of a dorm (classy?) with white and red-tinged spotlights on the mic.  Slammin’ ahhhwesomeness.

Here’s a video of one of the performances (just different time and location):

I’ll keep an eye out for videos of some of my other favorite pieces and performers.

Alrighties, time for sleep-

Niiiii- good morning?

Much love & peace,



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