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Nostalgia Tuesday (or maybe thursday?)

Dear Morgan,

Today, I’m feeling pretty nostalgic.Image

Mostly this happens when I’m loafing around, as I’ve been doing today…my brother is in classes, my parents are out skiing, and I’m just sitting here, icing my achilles and listening to sad music on Pandora. #boohoo.

Music really does it for me, you know? Like, remember when I wrote about that band, Young the Giant over the summer? Now listening to their album kills me, because it reminds me of Maine, and farming; dirt; Cassie; driving back from the beach; fresh Maine bluebs. And those are all happy, happy memories–but it’s still painful, because nostalgia is inherently painful, isn’t it?

In fact, I’d argue the happier the memory, the more so–nostalgia is a “sentimental yearning” to return to a past time, which is, as we all know, impossible. So, the happier the past time = the more we wish to return to it = the more intense and painful our longing is. And the worst part is, Mo, I’m guessing it only gets worse the older we get, because they’ll be more happy moments to feel nostalgic about!

So today is Nostalgia Tuesday (actually, it’s Thursday, but I didn’t get around to publishing this post until now, so) and this is my nostalgic post. As such, I feel I must include some appropriately nostalgic photos.

I’ll just say this: you and I take some wonderfully candid snapshots.

PicMonkey Collage

We are goofs. 

I think this collage sufficiently proves that smiling, or for that matter, looking normal in photos is overrated.

So there you have it, nostalgia nostalgia nostalgia. This supremely human feeling. I mean, I have no idea if animals feel nostalgic–perhaps. But perhaps not. I reckon part of human’s distinctiveness from other species is our concept of time–namely, our concept of time past, time to come, and our own mortality. Our ability to feel nostalgia is tied up in our understanding of life as a hodge podge of ephemeral moments.

But then, if you turn it over in your mind, those moments wouldn’t be beautiful if they weren’t ephemeral. Nostalgia is painful, but its also the tell tale sign that we’ve had beautiful, happy moments–because if they weren’t so happy, we wouldn’t wish so painfully to return to them.

And that’s my sad little philosophic shpeal (jeez, how to you spell that word? schpeel? who knows). Hope your spring break is going well, that you’re getting lots of rest, and eating something besides honey nuts cheerios.

Much love, Drew


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