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In Photos: May and June (with some words)

page 0Huzzah!  Some photos from graduation back at home!  Whew- I lost count of how many days I went back to school. I needed to spend a lot of time there for some major re-charging of that energy- I think that’s why it actually took me a few days to head over to school.  I had to get a handle on the nostalgia because I can freeze up a bit (ok a lot)- all moved and excited and so (unusually?) absolutely aware of, as you so wonderfully put it in your post, “the hodge podge of ephemeral moments.”  Drew- it’s like I feel it on a cellular level!  So, yes, that can be a bit overwhelming.  A little different each time, re-entering is, however, in a similarly overwhelming way- always good.  (I become so happy- that, as you know and as your mom once said something along the lines of, “it doesn’t even look like [my] eyes are open!”)

page 1

Flew back to MN- back at Mac in Kirk #422!

page 2First Sunday back was Grand Old Day- a beautiful day to walk along Grand Avenue with Lizzie and the rest of the neighborhood. I mean, check out that Connect-4 game?!  (Clearly even with a climbing wall, bouncy-jump-swing-thingie, among other games/stands and the like…the Connect-4 game stood out the most to me…) Umm- but just found out that Grand Old Day is actually THE “largest one-day festival in the Midwest” … Huh.  (So by ‘neighborhood,’ I meant over 250,000 people who come each year from the Twin Cities area, MN state, and [even] neighboring states- cray!)

page 3

Some pics from Reunion above.  Weekend attractions included quality bagpipe performances (obvi), cute families returning for a parent’s reunion (or BOTH parents’ reunion…cray), good food, and a fun night outside under a huge tent set up on the main lawn.  I also watched the procession of the ‘Golden Scots’- i.e. graduates celebrating their 50th Reunion(!!)- into the chapel for a special ceremony.  Before the weekend was in full swing, I gave a tour on Friday and a Golden Scot tapped my shoulder as my group was leaving the Campus Center and said, “Even after 50 years- I’m still proud I went here.”  *Happiness*

page 5

Even MORE happiness with a visit from you!! Goodness– it had been a while, no?  Yes.  Too crazy long.  It was so good to be with you- as always.  Thanks for coming out to visit.  (And giving me an interesting psych test that now allows me to describe my love life as ‘big, unknown, and fishy.’  Perf.)

page 6

Mississippi River & my favorite slab of pavement.

page 7

Other pics from around Mac.  Lower left hand photo is a sculpture by the Japanese-American artist Noguchi– information I actually learned during tour guide training!  In fact, it’s the most valuable piece of art at Mac and there are plans to transform the outdoor space (with the sad waterless fountain the sculpture is placed in now) into a more traditional Japanese garden.  (Umm- HuZzAH!!)

page 8

Some things have stayed the same-  the day by day work on the Studio Arts building opening this January, the blue (more like iridescent night sky/deep lapis lazuli/yah I’m obsessed) mugs are still rare and still the best in the cafeteria, and mail still makes me super ridiculously happy.  It’s definitely felt different with some close friends not on campus (luckily Christian came to visit before going off on his summer adventure).  But that provides new opportunities like using Google+ for the first time to have my own reunion with my roommates next year- WOOT WOOT!  Having  more time and figuring out how to fill it without classwork to do…has been weird.  Tour guide training kept me busy last week though and it culminated in an awesome scavenger hunt involving photos of squirrels, our swing set, etc.  Otherwise this time thing has me playing video games with friends in the student lounge and- even winning my first game of pool the other night!  Basically a HUGE deal.  We’ll see how long beginner’s luck lasts.  I’m consistently thinking about the balancing act of how I fill my time- the trying to do more and the letting go of the sometimes-guilt-like-feeling I’m not doing enough.  Am I too content to chill in my room and have lots of ‘me’ time, Drew??  Well- it’s certainly no longer ‘chill’- I think I’m heading to Target this weekend to pick up a window fan of sorts.  Anywhos- I think that’s why I love that slab of pavement so much.

Much, much love,



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