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First Year @ Mac

Dear Drew,

So during this past Spring Break I started to make a short video about what it was like on campus for my roommate while she away and kept adding to it as the year came to a close.  I revisited the project every once in a while (using the in-my-opinion-not-so-endearing-new version of iMovie, which has taken a bit of time to get used to) and included short clips from earlier in the year that I never got around to making anything out of…

And now here is the final product- featuring the song “Dead Hearts” by Stars and some of the wonderful, friendly faces on campus (when I had a flipcam on me).  I got to show you an earlier version when you visited, but I thought I’d share the final version!  Be warned though- the only thing really quality about this video is the people!! (I.e. my hands are super shaky…ok now you’ve been warned.)

Huzzah!  Anywhos- thought that I should finish that up before July- well…okay it’s the 2nd- but before summer sped even further along!

Hope all is awesome,

Much love,



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