In Photos

A Midnight Discovery

Dear Drew,

I’ve made a discovery.  Even the bags under my eyes have bags.


(11:58PM) I’ve finally finished enough homework to go to sleep!


(11:58:12 PM) Eeeh? …What are those?


(11:58:20 PM)…Wut.

Off to nap before dinner.  OH!  Made a happy mistake the other day: got to talk with your mom because I thought I’d leave a message saying HIIIIIII on your cell– basically I switched my phone to all Japanese and thus obviously never know what I’m doing!  Heard that you were just returning from a 9 day trip and will be off again soon!  Excited for you to get your phone back in August and listen to my messages (xoxo) and to talk to you frealzzzzz soon!!! ❤

Much love,



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