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Welcome Home!

Dear Drew,

If I remember correctly… you’ll be arriving back in the states soon…


Gif title: “Ron Swanson is excited”

So I wanted to say お帰りなさい!  (WELCOME BACK/HOME)!!!  I want to hear about everything!!  Trips, people, food, CANADA, down time activities, dreams, reflections, the hoary marmots– everything!

How has time been passing?  Have days gone by slowly, weeks quickly?  That’s how it has been here.  Mondays are always tiring because I always have a test or presentation (or both >.<) and when I think I can slack off for a few hours afterwards I remember that there’s a meeting with a teacher, origami club (the first four weeks I was in the calligraphy club woot woot), and volleyball…and then homework maybe.  It’s good to be busy, and I think I’ll be able to sneak in a nap before origami club today.

Anywhos– apologies, my sleepiness has got me in a daze– I can’t waiiiiiiiiit to hear your voice and see you soon!!  TWO WEEKS!!!giphy

Much love always,





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