Hey there reader,

this is a blog written by two girls with two mugs (that is, each girl has one mug). Here we are:

Morgan (right) is a trendy suburban hipster who enjoys speaking japanese and drinking Awake tea. She also indulges in green tea (brand neutral) and sweat pants. She prefers her tea with medium-hot water, removing the kettle just before it whistles. This summer, Morgan will be a very pale counselor of well-behaved children at an indoor day camp in Connecticut. Average mug count per day: a conservative two.

Drew (left) is an outdoorsy, hipster-locavore (too hipster to be a vegetarian) who enjoys Calm tea. She also indulges in chamomile tea and (young) Paul Newman films. She prefers drinking loose leaf tea (never-ever bought from Whole Foods) from handmade mugs. This summer, Drew will be a very sunburned farmhand, tilling soil and birthing sheep in Maine. Average mug count per day: a very liberal six.

We have no idea what we’re going to write in this blog, but we’re brewing ideas. It may have something to do with tea (and probably our summers).

**UPDATE** Morgan and Drew have now both started their freshman years at college in the most lovely state of Minnesota.




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