So, I understand this is quite embarrassing. Like, am I going to become one of those people who uploads shitty videos of themselves singing on youtube and their blog? Have no fear: I understand the sheer mediocrity of this lil’ performance. ALAS, I wanted to share something with you and post on our blog and I was too damn lazy to write things (except that I guess I’m writing now?) and I had to upload it to youtube to upload it on the blog but I’m hoping no one else ever discovers it but you (which is probably going to be the case because not everyone stalks people obsessively through google searches and so finds these sort of embarrassing things).

ANYWAYS. Enough chatter. I’m breaking the four/five months hiatus of our blog? with this video. HOPE SCHOOL IS AWESOME CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOU IN LIKE THREE WEEKS.

Much love, your frand,

P.S. tried to embed the video here but I can’t do technology…so I just posted the link. Hopefully it works. I had to upgrade to google chrome to see it which I guess everyone has already done but I was still using safari…#embarrassing #luddite4ever.

P.S.S. love the holidays…my bro and sam sam.


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Resurrecting the Blog / Vegan Cooking Adventures / Coconut Curry Dish

Morgan, did I read the date on our last post wrong, or have we really not posted in a month?! WELL, seeing as I’m home now and have got relatively little (scratch that, zero) responsibilities, I figure it’s about time l resurrect Le Blog.

I hope finals aren’t stressing you out too much–remember, “there is no problem on earth that can’t be improved upon by a cup of tea.” Also, I left you a very long rambly message which you really don’t have to listen unless you’re bored in which case it may be kind of amusing.

Anyways, with all my free time I’ve been cooking a lot and curiously, mostly vegan dishes. I think, in part, this is because I’m relishing being home and able to control what goes into my food, what I make, etc. I cooked a rad paella last week but I think tonight I made the best thing so far, a coconut curry sauce over rice.

It was easy/quick–about twenty minutes, start to finish. I cut the recipe in half and laid it over a half cup of rice, which proved the perfect portion for one (my family is not so interested in my vegan experiments. That said, no could tell that this dish was ‘vegan,’ by which they meant they thought it was tasty!)

To make the dish you’ll need:

  • Rice (any kind. I use brown Texmati long grain)
  • Half a can of light coconut milk (so, about a cup)
  • 1 1/2 tsp corn starch
  • 1 1/2 tsp curry powder (or more, depending on how you like it)
  • A couple of cloves of minced garlic
  • 1/4 tsp ginger (preferably fresh, but I didn’t have any so I just used powdered)
  • 1 1/2 tsp ketchup
  • 1/2 tsp onion powder
  • 1/2 tsp tumeric
  • 1/4 tsp salt
  • Some black pepper
  • Half a diced onion
  • Cooked/ chopped broccoli, about a cup or more/less depending on preferences


(1) Put the rice on the stove. I did 1/2 cup rice with 1 cup water, bit of olive oil, for twenty or so minutes, making sure to add more water as it cooked).

(2) Mix the corn starch and half of the coconut milk in a bowl and set aside (make sure to mix well, whisking out any clumps).

(3) Mix ALL the other ingredients together in a pot on the stove over medium heat, stirring continually until begins bubbling.

(4) Add remaining coconut water mixture and continue stirring until sauce is “hot, bubbly and creamy”

(5) Pour sauce over rice and eat!

And tadaa!, the finished product:

photo curry dish

The recipe I modified can be found here. It used soba noodles instead of rice, and more veggies than I had on hand. It also added tofu, which I imagine would be pretty good in this too.

Happy cooking, Drew

P.S. what is all this weird text at the bottom of the post? Can’t seem to get rid of it…darn my technological inabilities. Also, for some reason a few of the words in this post are highlighted and have weird weight loss adds connected to them?! grossness.

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“Ira Glass on the Creative Process”

I’m working on a story right now that I want so badly to be good and sound and beautiful. But it’s ambitious and honestly, I feel as if I’m trying to find my way to the bed in a dark hotel room. I keep bumping into things and I can’t seem to get my bearings–in short, I have no idea what.I’m.doing.

And so (of course) I started searching around the internet for some help and/or inspiration.

What I found was a video featuring Ira Glass, in which Glass talks about what he really wishes someone had told him when he was beginnerIt was exactly what I needed to hear and so wonderfully consoling that I felt compelled to share it. Thus, see below.

I’ll admit I’ve got a bit of a brain-crush on Ira Glass. He has, undoubtedly, a remarkable ability to tell stories. I’m an avid listener of This American Life. I play episodes while I work out, walk to class, fall asleep, and each time I’m amazed by how captivating it is, by how fascinated and engrossed I become in the story.

In this Ira-Glass-fawning-vein, Glass also gave a terrific commencement speech at Goucher College last May, chalk-full of humorous, hopeful bits of wisdom and insight. You can watch the full speech here (though I’ll warn you about the unreal peculiarity of seeing the face attached the voice), but below is just one quote that stuck out to me.

“I had to learn that ideas, if you were going to make creative work, you have to find an idea to make the work about. That is a job in itself. And where do ideas come from? They come from other ideas, and you have to surround yourself with things that are interesting to you and notice what is exciting to you and what you want to dive into, and finding what you’re going to make your short story or film or song or art project or movie about is a job.  Finding what you want to do next is a job. It’s a task: You have to set aside hours in the day, and you have to be a soldier, and you have to fight for what you’re going to make in yourself.”

So often I think ideas will simply arrive in my mind, as if the idea fairy is just going to leave an idea under my pillow at night. But Glass argues, No, it’s not as romantic as that; we have to work to form our ideas. That creativity isn’t this natural, flowing entity but something we must nurture daily. Something that requires earnest endeavor; concerted effort.

And I like that thought–I like it a whole lot–because it rings true to me and because it makes my struggling seem useful, worthwhile; heck, maybe even valuable.


P.S. The You Tube Channel through which I found the Ira Glass video also has a terrific Steve Jobs’ quote video, which you can see here. Inspiration overload!