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She’s Alive! And Dayquil Prompts her to Talk about Other Things (and refer to herself in 3rd person in post title)

Alright, so it’s my one-week anniversary of being SICK. Eh.  But I’ve had a lot of tea and used a lot of toilet-paper tissues and am *knock on wood* on the tail end of whatever this has been.

Anywhos.  LOVE the inspiration, Drew.  (Literally- all of it.  Just finished Glass’ commencement speech.)

I think I’ve got to carve out more time (or let’s be real- use some other time more constructively) to sit and think, to pause and bring those moments and words of inspiration to the front of my mind from the back cubbies where they often hang out.  I feel like things have been ebbing and flowing and I’ve been (merci germs) on an ebb- like I need to hold still and find some way to rejuvenate my ‘me’ supply.

Why is it so easy for me to drop off the face of the planet, Drew?  I get sucked into the ebb and flow long enough that I forget this ebbing and flowing cycle, when I really just want to doze on some warm sand.

Other Things:

Thing 1.  You all look terrific as zamish.  The paper bonnets are a super classy (and crafty) touch.

Thing 2.  Roman Pooh is quite dashing.

Thing 3.  I second “McKibben is a total boss.”

Thing 4.  Jeeziecreezie I’ve been a serious blog bum, major apologies.

Thing 5.  Some more slam for y’all.

So went to my second slam poetry in 10K (one of the dorms’ basements I mentioned before) and the guest poet (who performs during the ‘intermission’ for the students performing) was Jamaal May.  ‘Twas awesommme.  I picked up his The Whetting of Teeth and Other Poems,

And HUZZAH- they uploaded some of the poems he performed!  Here’s one I really loved-

“Pomegranate Means Grenade”

Remember the stuff we wrote in Lower School?  Yah some of it was ridiculous, but my mom sometimes tells me things I used to say…it was like I was on a whole different plane, maybe it was just those few old soul moments were more old soul-ly because I was so young.  Or maybe it was just because whatever strange morsel I said came with some chubby cheeks and crazy, crazy short curly hair.  That was probably it.

But when Jamaal (he signed my book and we talked about how CT is the 17th state to abolish the death penalty this past April…so we’re on a first name basis) was talking about his students and the poetry they write…well, it made me think of when we were younger and how, I think, the way we used words created truer descriptions and described truer (?) feelings (Perhaps by ‘truer’ I mean…I don’t know, but I know that’s not the adjective I want to use.  What would you use?).

Another thing Jamaal did that I liked- which is what actually got me up out of my chair to go and buy one of his collections- he signed a friend’s copy with “hope these poems keep vibrating.”  I love that.  To write something that vibrates, to listen, to read something with sounds and phrases that vibrate, to remember something because it’s still vibrating–

Also had brunch with a friend (who is also a sophomore leader in Lives of Commitment) and a friend of his from home.  After brunch I hugged this super awesome now-less-of-a-stranger.  Goodness brownies and frownies, brownies and frownies!  (I’m reading this over, Drew…Dayquil has really got me loopy.  Apologies?  No!  Sorry I’m not sorry!)

Last thing- pretty sure this is my first successful human pyramid!  Can you believe it?  WE’RE VOTING THIS WEEK DREW!