Hermit Morgan Briefly Touches on the awesomeness of Safety Not Guaranteed

I would very much like to like to connect our homes via ziplines, Drew.  I’m definitely seeing my dream Shinto-shrine-esque abode up in the trees…  I would also love to perhaps share in the respondents of your woodsman search- that sounds like it would be a fantastic addition to my life.  Your ad also reminds me of Safety Not Guaranteed‘s most wonderful premise:

“WANTED: Somebody to go back in time with me. This is not a joke. P.O. Box 91 Ocean View, WA 99393. You’ll get paid after we get back. Must bring your own weapons. Safety not guaranteed. I have only done this once before.”

Aubrey Plaza (P&R supa star), Mark Duplass (man who writes the ad; I mean- hello, pick ME, pick ME!!), and Jake Johnson (gotta love those “New Girl” roommates) are a pretty awesome bunch to spend 86 min with- it’s a movie I watched over J-term that’s sweet (just wait for the scene when Duplass’s character surprises both Plaza and her character, Darius, with a song and zither accompaniment- yes, he plays the most awesom-ust zither), fun- I mean look at this exchange- and that jean jacket:


It’s heartfelt- look at your twin bandanas, Drew!!


And it’s different, with really thoughtful portrayals of people who feel different, and, despite the risks, want to take a chance and believe in something.

So I challenged myself to post before my 5 o’clock dinner, and I’m 6 min over- but this is the first out of seven posts I’ll write this week- woot woooot!  That’s right- Morgan is taking on a seven day challenge, posting once a day to get back into the goodness of thinking about something besides my classes Japanese Art History and US Politics in Comparative Perspective (though- I am really enjoying my classes!! Loads and loads of interesting reading! …Just loads of it, you know?)  Anywhos- MUCH LOVE, Mo

PS- Thoughts on my new hermit-studying persona name?  Right now it’s between Her-mo and Mo-mit…Yikes.


Celeste and Jesse…Forever?!

I feel as if they should put disclaimers on movies like Celeste and Jessie Forever. Something along the lines of, “WARNING: while the trailer made this movie seem like a light-hearted comedy, it is in fact a romance that will BREAK YOUR HEART” (ever see Young Adult with Charlize Theron? Same deal). 

Of course, just because it was surprisingly heartbreaking doesn’t mean it isn’t an awesome movie–it is. In fact its awesome-ness comes from why it is so sad: it realistically portrays the pains of a break-up, and even more so, the pains of loving someone you can’t be with (and watching that is of course, well, painful). It’s a rom-com with a twist; a less-predictable, indie rom-com…the sub-plot with the Lady-Gaga-like Emma Roberts character was definitely more rom-com, but the complexity/realism of Jesse and Celeste’s relationship less so.


AND, the cast is killer. Rashida Jones (Celeste) and Andy Samberg (Jesse) are remarkably natural on-screen together, and Jones masterfully played the smart/funny/slighty-obsessive/goal-oriented business woman (jeez, as if I didn’t already have a girl-crush on her from watching The Office and Parks and Rec…). She actually co-worte the script with Will McCormack, who plays the character Skillz. The story is loosely inspired by her and McCormack’s relationship-turned-friendship, which you can read more about in a Washington post article here.

Yes, Elijah Wood is in this movie (and yes, he plays a gay man).

Alright, now I want to talk about the end of the movie, so MORGAN STOP READING HERE.***

I liked how Celeste and Jesse ended, if only because it wasn’t the typical everything-is-happy-now montage. Now of course the sap in me still wanted that montage, and for things to work out between them…but I think the idea of someone being your soul-mate even if you are not “with” them in the classic dating sense is intriguing/powerful (and a little reminiscent of the Joey/Dawson saga?) STILL, I wasn’t sure what to make of the ending scene in which they kiss. I mean, really? Even if they are “soul-mates,” dude’s having a kid with another woman (and that wasn’t no-peck…).

And STILL, sure, it would’ve been terribly cliché if Celeste and Jesse got back together, but was it making too much of a point that they didn’t? Were they characters who were actually meant to just be best-friends, or were they soul-mates separated by petty and irreparable circumstances? To me, it felt like the latter, and that added a layer of poignancy to the ending…because as this Seattle Times Review aptly put it: “You realize, midway through the movie, that this couple has snuck up on you — that you want them to be happy.”

All for now,


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D. Sutherland Love Fest and Some YouTube Clips

Well- after I finished “The West Wing,” I needed to center myself after that emotional roller coaster ride (I really do get torn up about these things Drew- I’ve been quite forlorn).  And whenever I’m in this kind of state, I turn to “Pride and Prejudice” (from 2005- the ‘concentrated’ version if you will, I mean- I absolutely love Colin Firth, but I can only watch your 6hr version every 7 years or so, while Macfadyen’s 2hr version is on a 3-4 month cycle) or “Lost in Austen.”  (<–check that out yo) Watched Pride and Prejudice this time around.  Yah.  I still cried during the scene in Mr. Bennet’s study at the end.  Donald Sutherland gets me every time!  His eyes are so clear and his set of teeth, which appear in the unexpected off-beats of their conversation, are always so surprisingly, wonderfully small compared to his big face- and his hands and fingers are so big and wonderful too- gaaaah- and his voice is so expressive, vulnerable in his attachment to Elizabeth, and happy.  I always seem to be overwhelmed by this and him.

This made me think of two videos on YouTube I saw recently and wanted to share them with you.

First is from Dan Rezler- I subscribed to his channel after I saw some of his “Dan Cooking/Cook Like A Dan” videos and there were a few shout-outs in here where I just wanted to say Egg ‘Challah Dan!  He’s a pretty cool guy.

Second, is well- awesome.  (Sorry gotta watch it on YouTube for some reason…)



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Moonrise (banana, nutella, chocolate crunch) Kingdom

Drew and I like to frequent a movie theater in town that’s a little run-down (despite its new funky pre-start-of-the-movie-opening…followed by a ‘find your closest exit’ slide that somehow wasn’t revamped…) and thus lovable in this time of mega-theater craziness. We often go there to see movies that are a little bit more indie, having diverged from the mainstream selection of the mega-theaters. (Though our small Bow Tie Theater (#2 reason of its awesomeness = ‘bow tie’ name) isn’t showing “No Safety Guaranteed” MAH!) Anywhos- wanted to let you know that I saw “Moonrise Kingdom” there a few days ago and it was an all-around awesommmme film.

It’s bound to be fantastic when Bob Balaban (see above [awks how I almost got him confused with Ron Rikfin, a.k.a. Sloane from “Alias,” side note: I’m crazy jealous those guys can pull off circular glasses]) is the narrator of the story. And really the first thing that clued me in should have been the fact that Wes Anderson was the director and writer, but this is the first film of his I’ve seen so now I’m in the loop.  Anywhos Drew, it’s this awesome story of love and uncommonly long-lasting bold blue eyeshadow, a wonderfully dysfunctional family and Edward Norton (Scout Master Ward) being a boss- I mean, look at his crew:

There’s my fav little guy, “Lazy Eye,” on the right.

Not only was the SCRIPT amazing and the CAST absolutely STELLAR- the SOUNDTRACK was CrAzY gOoD. (Note the use of crazy capitalization, if you would). Take a listen on grooveshark. Three tracks I keep listening to (when I’m not listening to the album all the way through) are Françoise Hardy’s “Le Temps de l’Amour,” Hank Williams’s “Ramblin’ Man,” and “Songs From Friday Afternoons, Op. 7: ‘Cuckoo!'” sung by the Choir of Downside School.

Alrighties, now it’s time to let Bill Murray take you around a bit…

So yah. Good movie. (A side note for your consideration: I’d definitely see it again.)



PS- a note on this post’s title: beforehand- I split a banana, nutella, choco crunch crêpe (new choice on menu) with Fosta and mumziedearest. YUM.

PPS- spotted: Ron Swanson’s hat (or a young Ron?? hmm she’s more of a red head though…)

(Poor quality [apologies, but also you’re welcome] “Parks & Rec” reference video here.)

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Sushi, Egg Challah, Cherries, and a Movie

= Morgan’s take on “TREAT YO SELF.” (

When the hot weather cooled down a little bit and (I admit-) my eyes were a little sore from watching The West Wing, I decided I needed to take a break and watch a movie. (Goodness I crack myself up.)  While an episode had been loading earlier in the afternoon, I had brought up on my screen and re-watched the trailer for Take This Waltz.  The movie was released today, but I knew from a little investigating it hadn’t opened anywhere nearby, but what’s that?  Available on demand?  Perfecto!

So off I went to Whole Foods to pick up some dinner.  I hardly ever eat cherries.  I honestly can’t remember having a cherry before I picked up a bag of fresh cherries from a farmer’s market a few weeks or so ago on my choir trip.  The second to last time I remember having one was two summers before on the same tour- the town we sang in had arranged some tables with food for people to eat in the courtyard and mingle after our concert.  Now I really can’t remember having a cherry before that. Dang those post-concert cherries were so delicious.  So fresh and novel.  The ones from the farmer’s market were too.  The ones from Whole Foods not so much.  I can’t help picking them up though, even if they only remind me of their tastier counterparts, or maybe I pick them up because of that shadow-y, memory-y comparison.

So I got my cherries, picked up a CA roll and was pleased to find that the egg challah had been restocked.  (Reader, I was completely downhearted when I searched the bread shelves a few days ago to find NO egg challah- GAH!)  Back at my apartment, all set up for my ‘me night in,’ (everybody should enjoy these every once in awhile- again, TREAT YO SELF- I mean- if you’re into this strange play (and more…anti-social?) on a girls’ night out), and began Take This Waltz.

For those of who you don’t know/don’t stalk Michelle Williams/don’t check Apple Trailers everyday- I mean week—oh god I thought I swallowed a cherry seed- false alarm- here’s the link to the trailer page.

You see, even from the quick scenes shown in the first trailer I knew I wanted to see this movie because there’s this almost immediate ‘click’-y thing between Michelle Williams’s character Margot and Luke Kirby’s character Daniel- yah ok so mayyyybe I get hooked in by these romantic-whatever movies- MEH- treat yo self!!

But Daniel’s line, “I feel like being out in the world with you.  Can we spend the day together?” And the airplane clip (ok some lines in that clip make a lot more sense when you’ve watched the first five minutes of the movie that precede this scene- they didn’t meet on the plane exactly- they were touring the same castle/fortress and then he sees her being pushed in a wheelchair in the airport…that is, to make sure she doesn’t get lost she pretends she has leg problems and is brought around in a wheelchair) and his laugh and the exchange:

MARGOT: “I’m afraid of connections…I don’t like being in between things…I’m afraid of being afraid.”

DANIEL: “That sounds like the most dangerous thing in the world”

And the scenes with the theme park’s ride- like Mind Scrambler, my favorite ride at the local theme park- all snowballed into a really thoughtful and (11:11!  The Universe is winking at us!) thought-provoking movie.

Oh- huh.  Never saw Trailer #2- good quote for the movie though: “It’s a kind of longing…a kind of idiotic, marvelous ridiculous longing.”  For a while it’s seems like it’s Daniel she needs to fill the “gap”(Trailer 2 too I think) in her life, but as the film seems to come full circle in this sort of saddening yet hopeful sort of way, the “longing” is slowly redefined as an inward “longing” for the self.

I was also super impressed by the soundtrack- I’m on a desperate hunt for the playlist, but here’s one of the songs I’ve come up with, “Green Mountain State” by Corinna Rose & The Rusty Horse Band,

(I like a little melodica to add some soft harmonica-toned charm.)

Band camp‘s description:

“Corinna Rose is the stage name of folk singer/songwriter Corey Gulkin. Based in Montreal, Roseʼs style is inspired by folk, pop and rock musicians including Kate & Anna McGarrigle, Weezer and Regina Spektor. Rose crafts songs that simultaneously capture the warmth, joy and darkness of the folk tradition, and her music is marked with heart-wrenching personal nuance.”

While trying to look up another song (my sources tell me there were a lot of Canadian groups featured in Take This Waltz) through googling a lyric, I found something cool- an essay by Eckart von Hirschhausen.  (Loving the domino effect of awesomeness going on right now for me.)  He was “born 1967 in Frankfort/Main, is a qualified physician, cabaret artist and author. His Foundation ‘Humour Helps Healing’ sponsors clowns who visit sick children in hospitals.”  (The website included this little bio at the bottom of the page.)

In the essay he writes, “Life belongs to amateurs, and to the ‘forever young’ of all ages.”

Egg Challah that Hirschhausen.  Really though- where did that bread go?


An Amateur (at waltzing among other things, like life)