So, I understand this is quite embarrassing. Like, am I going to become one of those people who uploads shitty videos of themselves singing on youtube and their blog? Have no fear: I understand the sheer mediocrity of this lil’ performance. ALAS, I wanted to share something with you and post on our blog and I was too damn lazy to write things (except that I guess I’m writing now?) and I had to upload it to youtube to upload it on the blog but I’m hoping no one else ever discovers it but you (which is probably going to be the case because not everyone stalks people obsessively through google searches and so finds these sort of embarrassing things).

ANYWAYS. Enough chatter. I’m breaking the four/five months hiatus of our blog? with this video. HOPE SCHOOL IS AWESOME CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOU IN LIKE THREE WEEKS.

Much love, your frand,

P.S. tried to embed the video here but I can’t do technology…so I just posted the link. Hopefully it works. I had to upgrade to google chrome to see it which I guess everyone has already done but I was still using safari…#embarrassing #luddite4ever.

P.S.S. love the holidays…my bro and sam sam.


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Some Things


Book Across the Bay was magical. I was thinking about you, and the way you would’ve loved the yellow candles in the snowy darkness, and the beaming moon and stars. There were thousands of people there, and I felt like I was crossing the Bering Straits in the Great Migration. Terrific.

Anyways, I’ve got loads of work (blah blah. The worst), but I wanted to share with you. I feel as if we remember periods in our lives less by dates and months, but by seasons, smells, and the art–the music, literature, whatever–that we are within.

So here are a couple things I’m in now:

*This beautiful video and song, called “John Wayne” by the Green Little Cars

*On The Road, Jack Kerouac. We’re doing the Beats in my Modern American Lit class. .

“because the only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones who never yawn or say a common place thing, but burn, burn, burn like fabulous yellow roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars and in the middle you see the blue centerlight pop and everybody goes ‘Awww!’ ” (6)

Now I’m feeling all moody and sad, because these things are so pretty and my work is so boring. Oh well! I hope you had a terrific weekend too. Love love love,


P.S. I’m still working on your birthday present. At this rate, you’ll have it by your 20th… ah, eventually!

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Dear Drew,

Are you sure that’s not you in that photo?  Well I guess I’ll just have to see for myself TOMORROW (HUZZZZAHHHH)!!!  And thank you for reminding me that cool artists have more than one song I should listen to ;]  She’s on my grooveshark-asap-list because, you see, I’ve been trying to cram in some listening to Dispatch’s new album…


I suppose after I get used to listening to one CD by a band or artist I get so comfortable that I stick to it and don’t really get into new albums (a silly business).  I should focus on being more loyal to the band than a single album though- especially when later albums turn out like THIS!  This site is a really awesome way to listen to the album because each track is introduced and talked about by one of the AWESOME guys who make up Dispatch.  Take a listen if you have time.




P.S – I definitely have to get a hat this time Drew!!


Laura Veirs and “July Flame” Obsessions


I’ve recently become obsessed with Laura Veirs (veers).  For visual, see below (of Laura…not of me obsessing). You probably know from her song “July Flame,” which was on one of your sister’s awesome playlists.


This preoccupation is perhaps inspired/fueled by the fact that Veirs went to Carleton–but mostly by the fact that her music is dope. Still, it’s neat to think about her studying and hanging about these parts (granted, some years ago, she being thirty-eigh now).

Veirs has produced eight albums, but thus far I have only listened to “July Flame” (2010) extensively. According to Wikipedia, the album’s title “comes from a type of peach Veirs’ saw at a farmer’s market.”

Image Veirs has a folksy, soft, haunting-at-times voice, that occasionally reminds me of Joanna Newsom (but is less high-pitchy weird…not to rag on Newsom she’s cool too). My favorite tracks on the album are 1. I Can See Your Tracks, 3. Sun is King, 6. Silo Song, 7. Little Deschutes (for the melodic change around 4 minutes!), 9. When You Give Your Heart, 11. Wide-Eyed, Legless, and 12. Carole Kaye.

Check out these crazy cool lyrics for “Wide-Eyed, Legless”–

Image –AND check out this sweet chick’s website here. I’ve got to hop, as Latin class is calling…but happy listenin’.

LOVE, Drew

P.S. Bike’s name? PERCIVAL. Since no one weighed in on the matter besides my mother (who wanted to name him Gunnar, which I can’t even pronounce yo), I snatched the name from the oldest Weasley brother (I’m currently rereading the first book…awesomeness. also, did you see that terrible times review of JK’s newest novel? Ouch).

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MO-nkey Mind

Dear Drew,

1. Ze Frank follows us.

2. Unpacking is best when listening to my sister’s new mix.  If I were you I’d ‘hop’ right on over to her blog (hoho).  I can play “Some Nights” on repeat forever.  And when I’m not listening to it- I’m humming it.  (People have noticed.)

3. “How improbable are we?  How strange, and how lovely it is– to be anything at all.” -just a little John Green thoughtfulness.  A recommended video.

4. Blog block was the worst, worst, worst.

5. I forgot all of my tea at home.  Blerg, blerg, blerg!

6. Dorm photos to come.

7. Pre-orientation was AWESOME. Drew, Drew, Drew– get excited ok?  Seven is my lucky number so gonna pause here.


“Three Questions” by Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy

A song I’ve been digging lately–

And the lyrics–

Say I found a piece of rock
And put it in my pocket
And for the day that we are wed
I put it in a locket
Which is to hang around your neck
As long as you see fit
Well, tell me, o my love
Do you think that you would wear it?

And on the day that threatens
That the earth might open up
The birds have stopped their singing
And the insects have shut up
And all that’s left between us
Is some alhamdulillah
Oh would you split it with me, baby
So that I wouldn’t die?

And after all these things
Is a question I must ask
When everyone has called me out
And said I am the worst
And asked for voices on my side
My love, would you sing first?
Would you say, “He’s okay,
He’s better than the rest ;
He’s innocent in god’s eyes
And in mine, he is the best”?

 Kind of wonderful, huh?


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Moonrise (banana, nutella, chocolate crunch) Kingdom

Drew and I like to frequent a movie theater in town that’s a little run-down (despite its new funky pre-start-of-the-movie-opening…followed by a ‘find your closest exit’ slide that somehow wasn’t revamped…) and thus lovable in this time of mega-theater craziness. We often go there to see movies that are a little bit more indie, having diverged from the mainstream selection of the mega-theaters. (Though our small Bow Tie Theater (#2 reason of its awesomeness = ‘bow tie’ name) isn’t showing “No Safety Guaranteed” MAH!) Anywhos- wanted to let you know that I saw “Moonrise Kingdom” there a few days ago and it was an all-around awesommmme film.

It’s bound to be fantastic when Bob Balaban (see above [awks how I almost got him confused with Ron Rikfin, a.k.a. Sloane from “Alias,” side note: I’m crazy jealous those guys can pull off circular glasses]) is the narrator of the story. And really the first thing that clued me in should have been the fact that Wes Anderson was the director and writer, but this is the first film of his I’ve seen so now I’m in the loop.  Anywhos Drew, it’s this awesome story of love and uncommonly long-lasting bold blue eyeshadow, a wonderfully dysfunctional family and Edward Norton (Scout Master Ward) being a boss- I mean, look at his crew:

There’s my fav little guy, “Lazy Eye,” on the right.

Not only was the SCRIPT amazing and the CAST absolutely STELLAR- the SOUNDTRACK was CrAzY gOoD. (Note the use of crazy capitalization, if you would). Take a listen on grooveshark. Three tracks I keep listening to (when I’m not listening to the album all the way through) are Françoise Hardy’s “Le Temps de l’Amour,” Hank Williams’s “Ramblin’ Man,” and “Songs From Friday Afternoons, Op. 7: ‘Cuckoo!'” sung by the Choir of Downside School.

Alrighties, now it’s time to let Bill Murray take you around a bit…

So yah. Good movie. (A side note for your consideration: I’d definitely see it again.)



PS- a note on this post’s title: beforehand- I split a banana, nutella, choco crunch crêpe (new choice on menu) with Fosta and mumziedearest. YUM.

PPS- spotted: Ron Swanson’s hat (or a young Ron?? hmm she’s more of a red head though…)

(Poor quality [apologies, but also you’re welcome] “Parks & Rec” reference video here.)