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Dear Drew, An Update

It feels like I really have the reins now in the whole ‘making my way through the world’ thing.  (Obviously by ‘the’ reins, I mean- like- a few more inches of it.)

This is exciting.  Drew, I am terrified.

Perhaps I’m terrified because the way I realized I had control was through last-minute, get-your-shit-together-or-at-least-as-much-of-it-as-you-can moments (O.K. hours– sidenote: do people still write ‘ok’ like that?) to make up for not justly taking care of my responsibilities in a more timely manner.

Basically, Drew, I had to do an application for a summer language program and it has been stressful.  Wow.  I know right- really making my way through the world by planning out summer 2014.

Well, to that I would say– HEY NOW (cue appropriate childhood flashback to Hillary Duff), after summer there’s study abroad, then legit applications for summer internships and post-graduation job planning, then two capstone projects on things that interest me and (shoot, do I say it?  Make me a more marketable job applicant?), then pre-graduation jitters and brooding (that means…mono anyone?) then there’s graduation itself (thank goodness I have my wedding dress ready), and then there’s…


What’s next??

Then what’ll I do?!

Quickly! Tell me where the nearest ladder/field of hoops is!

Well, there’s a job or fellowship opportunity (but ugh- don’t those have cray cray applications?), there’s Mumzie’s futon (hopefully that’ll be gone by then though- so that’s up in the air, or rather- scraping some paint off our walls) or graduate school (yes, yes! School foreva!! Frealz- no sarcasm there), or… I don’t know.

And yet, I have this programmed answer to ‘what are you going to do after college?’

It vaguely outlines what type of ‘way’ I think would be nice to have/do/live out, but the more I repeat it, the more terrified I get.

The outline has started to sound more and more like the career path of somebody else, someone who, when I was younger (keep in mind this phrase is almost ok to use because I’m nearly TWENTY! Lolcatz. <– Exhibit A shows why it’s almost ok- [O.K.?!]) I unconcernedly labeled as ‘Adult Morgan,’ when I thought I’d have more time to become her.

But this is the good stuff isn’t it?  The whole ‘making your way’ thing?

I could expand on this point but I’m losing steam, so onward with this elaborate story…

In a moment of revelation this evening I found myself a lil’ bit of inner peace.  I’m going to (try my best to) stop agonizing over what way/path(/whatever you want to call it) needs/should be/look like (really good with words/word choice here, Morgan) and put all my energy into the ‘making’ part.  I don’t have to have and keep to a set, step-by-step plan, I just have to set myself towards getting better at the making of one.  BOOM.

GO VERBS!  Don’t you just love action verbs in particular, Drew?  Don’t you feel the difference between ‘be happy’ and ‘get happy?’  Sometimes I just need to focus on a few action verbs to get me to those seemingly passive ones.

Yup.  You can tell it’s 1:55AM in the morning can’t you?  Well, I suppose I should hit the hay.  Drew, I hope all is well and that you and the family are enjoying joyous New Year’s festivities!

Thanks for being an important part of my year; here’s to 2014!  May this year bring much love, and may we bring much love and laughter to this year.

Happy New Year.

Much love,


P.S. In other news:


❤ Matthew Rhys & Anna Maxwell Martin ❤

WHAT?!  Is that Mr. & Mrs. Darcy?!  Are the shades of Pemberley to be thus…opened again?!

Truth be told, I’ve already watched all three episodes.  I was very touchy about it at first– I had just finished my biannual viewing of 2005’s Pride and Prejudice (a tear-jerker for me during that last scene at Longbourn as always), when I googled a vague combination of words to research Matthew Macfadyen and his casting process only to find reviews on BBC One’s Christmas Special based on P.D. James’ book!  (I spared you the trailer- I’d just hop right in!)  Anywhos- I loved it.  Let me know what you think.


Oh hello…And a Happy New Year to you!

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D. Sutherland Love Fest and Some YouTube Clips

Well- after I finished “The West Wing,” I needed to center myself after that emotional roller coaster ride (I really do get torn up about these things Drew- I’ve been quite forlorn).  And whenever I’m in this kind of state, I turn to “Pride and Prejudice” (from 2005- the ‘concentrated’ version if you will, I mean- I absolutely love Colin Firth, but I can only watch your 6hr version every 7 years or so, while Macfadyen’s 2hr version is on a 3-4 month cycle) or “Lost in Austen.”  (<–check that out yo) Watched Pride and Prejudice this time around.  Yah.  I still cried during the scene in Mr. Bennet’s study at the end.  Donald Sutherland gets me every time!  His eyes are so clear and his set of teeth, which appear in the unexpected off-beats of their conversation, are always so surprisingly, wonderfully small compared to his big face- and his hands and fingers are so big and wonderful too- gaaaah- and his voice is so expressive, vulnerable in his attachment to Elizabeth, and happy.  I always seem to be overwhelmed by this and him.

This made me think of two videos on YouTube I saw recently and wanted to share them with you.

First is from Dan Rezler- I subscribed to his channel after I saw some of his “Dan Cooking/Cook Like A Dan” videos and there were a few shout-outs in here where I just wanted to say Egg ‘Challah Dan!  He’s a pretty cool guy.

Second, is well- awesome.  (Sorry gotta watch it on YouTube for some reason…)



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West Wing For Liiiiiiiiiife

Dear Drew,

At 3:31 today, July 30th 2012, I closed the safari window of “Tomorrow,” the last episode of “The West Wing.”  It’s been an emotional two months since I watched the pilot and, seven seasons later, I have no regrets about the insane amount of time I have dedicated to this show.  (If I did the math right…about 102.23333 hrs…ish.)  I’ve burst out laughing and burst out crying– sobbing really…these characters really get to you ok?? I mean you commit 102 hrs to Toby, Jed, Josh, Leo, CJ, Charlie, Donna, Will, Joey Lucas, Danny, Santos, Margaret, Kate, Mrs. Landingham…and dammit they’ll pull at your heartstrings!  At least they pulled on mine and I’m really, really glad for it.

Drew, I’m naming my dog Toby.  And a child.  Not Tobias- (too many “Arrested Development” scenes in my head,) just Toby.  Maybe not a kid- definitely a few dogs though.  God, I love Tobias Zachary Ziegler.  And the stress ball he shatters office windows with.

West Wing: a good show, a good show about integrity, friendship, commitment, and I’m putting it out there- personhood.

I’m going to go watch YouTube WW montages now.



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A Chief of Staff and His Deputy

Said by Leo McGarry to Josh Lyman:

“This guy’s walking down a street when he falls in the hole.  The walls are so steep he can’t get out.  A doctor passes by and the guy shouts up, ‘hey doc, can you help me out?’ The doctor writes a prescription and throws it down in the hole and moves on.  Then a priest comes along and the guy shouts up, ‘Father, I’m down in this hole, can you help me out?’  The priest writes out a prayer and throws it down the hole and moves on.  Then a friend walks by, ‘hey Jo, it’s me- can you help me out?’ And the friend jumps in the hole and our guy says, ‘are you stupid?  Now we’re both down here.’ The friend says, ‘yah but I’ve been down here before and I know the way out.”

The West Wing on friendship.



Ohhh no! 95 degrees tomorrow- MUCH too hot for any sort of excursion to the world beyond my apartment-

#mo’solutions: be productive by preparing for poli sci classes with The West Wing #almostthereseason4

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A Very Sorkin Summer

With a casual subtitle of: (OH MY GOODNESS- look at how legit our blog looks with Drew’s title art!!)

Readers- I do believe the most influential factor in my course registration process (now completed- HUZZAH!) was my oh-so-dedicated “The West Wing” (on-going) marathon.  I am on my 32nd episode (Season 2, Episode 9) and am thoroughly enjoying the fast-paced script and plot lines.  I have 123 episodes to go and lucky-me has another Sorkin show to keep track of this summer- “The Newsroom!”

The first of ten episodes of “The Newsroom” aired Sunday night at 10pm on HBO, and so I (HBO-less) watched it online this morning with my chai tea and favorite combo of blueberries+cereal with no milk (I like a crisp crunch).  There is an unbelievably fantastic cast with Jeff Daniels as news anchor Will McAvoy and Emily Mortimer as Mackenzie MacHale, McAvoy’s Executive Producer (and ex-girlfrienddd whhhatt!).  Did you know Mortimer was the voice of young Sophie in Hayao Miyazaki’s animated classic “Howl’s Moving Castle?” I did.  Love her.  I remember her from “Dear Frankie,” a movie shown in my school’s ‘Fundance’ Film Festival a number of years ago.

Additionally, she brings along a good-looking Assistant Producer (honestly not 100% solid on these titles yet…) with a fiiiiiine accent.  But let’s be clear- I was hooked before the young, intelligent, good-looking assistant guy (you know- the one with the fine accent) came on screen.  Indeedee- just watch the first scene and you’ll probably be thinking, ‘hey- I hear you Jeff Daniels, tell me more.’ Because, in the process of him telling you more and you getting more engrossed by the characters (hey there Dev Patel!), relationships, and world you’ve seen a peek of, you will also probably feel immensely justified in your decision to have bfast in bed because you feel smart watching this show.

Plus it’s raining a little bit outside- wait- was that thunder? Yah, better stay curled up and feel intellectual.  P.S. That intellectual feeling and that feeling of a show hitting home has stayed with me all day.  I’m really looking forward to next Monday morning.

I read a few articles about the show and thought I’d share a few quotes…

From Dave Nemetz’s article, “Aaron Sorkin’s ‘The Newsroom’ and The Rise of Smart Summer TV” (how refreshing),

“…MacKenzie convinces [McAvoy] to join forces with her to create a cable newscast that both informs the electorate and gets big ratings– and, more importantly, to put his fearsome intellect to good use and dare to give a crap again.”

I would say she tries to convince him but YIKES there’s some tension…But to “dare to give a crap again,” I thought that was an apt description and a phrase that just stuck I suppose.

From “A Big Story Developing on HBO’s ‘The Newsroom'” by Frazier Moore:

“You don’t look to Sorkin for car chases, pyrotechnics or other spectacle. It’s his words — playful, brainy, heartfelt and often fired out in hot-potato exchanges — that do the heavy lifting.”

Action scenes aren’t the driving force of the whole thing? Words can do WHHHAAT?

“Sorkin describes his style as ‘aspirational writing. I’m less interested in the difference between good and bad, than in the difference between good and great. As with Tom Cruise in ‘A Few Good Men’ or Michael Douglas in ‘The American President,’ he goes on, pointing to a pair of his hit films, ‘I like taking good guys who are getting by with charm and high IQ and who then, for whatever reason, are forced to be better. And be great.'”

Interesting. Egg Challah that.

A promo vid for you, dear readers-

So here’s to a Sorkin Summer!

Links to the two articles I mentioned:–the-newsroom–and-the-rise-of-smart-summer-tv.html

Yup I may watch Sorkin shows but it still seems that the depressing fact I read Yahoo articles rings true…*sigh*