Maine, the farm

The Animals of Salt Marsh Farm


When folks ask about the farm, they mostly want to know about the glamorous aspects, e.g., the animals. So, for those of you who are curious, here are all the animals we have on the farm:

Fourteen sheep/lambs, one ram and his wether (Batman and Robin)

Six cows–one heifer (Clementine), one dairy (Louise), three beefers (names in dispute; I call them Cerbes because they like to clump together, with their three heads side by side; one of the cooks calls them the Beasty Boys), and one calf (Roscoe)

Two sets of laying hens, a hundred meat chicks

One work horse (Sal)

A porcupine (Woodruff) who likes to hang out on the path back to the farm at night


Sal and the wind turbine

They are a pretty eclectic and crazy group, and contribute to much farm drama, or frama, as we call it. For example, sheep are always escaping. Batman and Robin earned their infamous names for hopping the electric netting several times and roaming around the farm, eating grass as they pleased. Just today I found Magpie, the lamb we keep in the barn (due to a wound), rooting around a pile of hay after having jail-breaked from his pen.


 Magpie, the fugitive

The animals all more or less have their own personalities–Sal is sweet but often temperamental; Roscoe is basically a dog, eager and hungry; our dairy cow Louise is blind in one eye and can be a total grump/handful, kicking the bucket (and/or us). Since most of the animals sleep out on pasture, the barns animals–the baby chicks, Magpie and Roscoe, Batman and Robin, Sal–are their own funny gang. I love walking through the barn at night (a longer way to get home, but the other way involves walking by the compost, where raccoons often duel until the wee hours of the morning), and seeing all of them sleeping, the baby chicks’ yellow light half-illuminating them.

And of course, we can’t forget the final inhabitants of the farm, us. We live here as well (though despite what I tell campers, we don’t sleep with the animals) in a house attached to the barn.


Our home, gatehouse

All for now,