My new home

I am living in the most beautiful old abode, “Gatehouse” as its called, attached to the farmhouse. It is a little dusty (there is a family of spiders living in one of the corners of my room, but I’m just letting them be, at least for now) but otherwise very homey, and I have a spacious room with the most amazing view overlooking pasture. Each night I get to watch the sunset (that’s usually when I go to sleep…) and say goodnight to the sheep and the cows out there.

my room…a little messy

the view overlooking pasture

A wise teacher of Morgan and mine recently told us some good advice, which is to hang things on your walls whenever you’re in a new place, as it will make it feel more like home. So the first night I was here, feeling a bit uncomfortable in my new surroundings, I tacked a bunch of photos up (see above, right next to my bed), and it definitely helped. I love this place already.

Peace, Drew