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Dear Drew,

Has the awkwardness gone down to an almost-comfortable level yet?  I’ve been working on being patient with myself and my process of acclimation.  Everything takes time- finding your way around campus, feeling as if you belong, then feeling at home, getting to know people, and making friends.  As you know I love yelling out people’s names (and freaking them out), so that activity is an ongoing, amusing adventure.  I’ve been lucky to freak people out and still make friends (even with some of the same people I freak out).

I’m grateful- so absolutely, amazingly, unbelievably grateful for my pre-orientation experience.  It gave me a ‘warm-up’ to the full first-year orientation and the chance to meet the most wonderful, wonderful students and adults on campus.  (I’m not biased or anything.)  There are 31 of us I believe?  31 people from ALL over!  31 people from all over the US and the WORLD- from India, Italy, South Korea, Sierra Leone, Pakistan, Kenya, and China.  And now we’re all from here too.  It’s the most awesomest feeling.

Classes are going well and the ones I’ve been worried about are getting better too.  What’s it like only having three classes?!  I hope all of them are proving to be even more interesting than you thought they’d be- and that things and people continue to be surprising and new even though it’s also comforting for them to be familiar and old.

It’s strange to find myself as someone ‘new’ here.  It takes all my energy and focus sometimes, and sometimes it doesn’t take any.  Refreshing and exhausting.  Pep talks are important.  Got a card from my mom in a package with my volleyball shoes and it’s from Brian Andreas’ Story People line of stuff (may look familiar from prints in our apartment):


This is good for me to have on my desk- to remind me to keep taking risks and to be patient.  Found some of his other stuff online-


(Left- That’s us sippin’ on tea.)


 (Right– right?)

Yah.  I like his stuff.  Alrighties.  Homework time.

Much, much love,


P.S. Looking forward to 10/1/12.