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MO-nkey Mind

Dear Drew,

1. Ze Frank follows us.

2. Unpacking is best when listening to my sister’s new mix.  If I were you I’d ‘hop’ right on over to her blog (hoho).  I can play “Some Nights” on repeat forever.  And when I’m not listening to it- I’m humming it.  (People have noticed.)

3. “How improbable are we?  How strange, and how lovely it is– to be anything at all.” -just a little John Green thoughtfulness.  A recommended video.

4. Blog block was the worst, worst, worst.

5. I forgot all of my tea at home.  Blerg, blerg, blerg!

6. Dorm photos to come.

7. Pre-orientation was AWESOME. Drew, Drew, Drew– get excited ok?  Seven is my lucky number so gonna pause here.