Laura Veirs and “July Flame” Obsessions


I’ve recently become obsessed with Laura Veirs (veers).  For visual, see below (of Laura…not of me obsessing). You probably know from her song “July Flame,” which was on one of your sister’s awesome playlists.


This preoccupation is perhaps inspired/fueled by the fact that Veirs went to Carleton–but mostly by the fact that her music is dope. Still, it’s neat to think about her studying and hanging about these parts (granted, some years ago, she being thirty-eigh now).

Veirs has produced eight albums, but thus far I have only listened to “July Flame” (2010) extensively. According to Wikipedia, the album’s title “comes from a type of peach Veirs’ saw at a farmer’s market.”

Image Veirs has a folksy, soft, haunting-at-times voice, that occasionally reminds me of Joanna Newsom (but is less high-pitchy weird…not to rag on Newsom she’s cool too). My favorite tracks on the album are 1. I Can See Your Tracks, 3. Sun is King, 6. Silo Song, 7. Little Deschutes (for the melodic change around 4 minutes!), 9. When You Give Your Heart, 11. Wide-Eyed, Legless, and 12. Carole Kaye.

Check out these crazy cool lyrics for “Wide-Eyed, Legless”–

Image –AND check out this sweet chick’s website here. I’ve got to hop, as Latin class is calling…but happy listenin’.

LOVE, Drew

P.S. Bike’s name? PERCIVAL. Since no one weighed in on the matter besides my mother (who wanted to name him Gunnar, which I can’t even pronounce yo), I snatched the name from the oldest Weasley brother (I’m currently rereading the first book…awesomeness. also, did you see that terrible times review of JK’s newest novel? Ouch).