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Labor Day in MSP: old mills and orchards

Readers, I suppose we haven’t made it known (Morgan and I, that is) that the initial intention for this blog was for us to keep in touch (Morgan and I, that is…) and post about our adventures in Minnesota, where we are both starting college this fall. And guess WHAT? We are both now officially here (…Morgan and I, that is).

I arrived in Minneapolis yesterday with my parents, but since I don’t start orientation until tomorrow, we had all today to explore/do whatever. This morning I ran long the Mississippi, on both the Minneapolis and St. Paul sides, through the old warehouse district.

It was a longer run than I anticipated (I got really tired around 3 and 1/2 miles…and maybe a little lost?) but it was otherwise lovely. Public bike paths and trails like this one are just awesome. I’m so tired of thing beings private and exclusive!; I could go on a whole little tirade about the hoops you have to jump through just to use the beach in our town, but I’ll refrain. Anyways, you can check out my route here.

The latter half of the day my Mom and I went to an orchard in Minnestra, about thirty minutes west of the twin cities, called Minnetonka Orchards.

(Note the mother-daughter selfie)

We picked our own apples (Sweet 16 variety. Really tasty, and sweet, per the name), and then sat around in the orchard for a while. My mother also picked me a bouquet of goldenrod and daisies–

–and I managed to cajole her into buying some apple donuts from the shop there, which we (I) ate on the way home.

My first, full and official day in Minnesota and I LOVE IT HERE ALREADY. ALSO, I just added “Minnesota” to the Categories list (!).  Hope you had a great labor day too, Mo.