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Hello, fun things, weekend


How is it possible that we haven’t posted on the blog since January? And it’s MAY? My fault, home-skillet, my fault. You made the last post, and I dropped the ball. It’s pretty late right now, and I should probably be going to bed, but what the heck, why not post? I miss you, my friend. I hope you are having the swellest time in Seattle with your sister. Say hi to Carter for me.

So, today. This day. Wow, I’m typing so fast; I’m a mad woman; my thoughts can’t even keep up. This day was, undeniably, a good day. This weekend was, undeniably, the best weekend. Why? I will explain:

1. I went climbing.

2. I got to be outside.

3. I got to hang with David.

4. I did no work.

Killer combo of forces at work there.

Friday and Saturday I went on a C.A.N.O.E. trip to Devil’s Lake, which is a state park in Baraboo, Wisconsin. It was beautiful, and warm, and sunny, and still. It’s also one of the few places in the midwest with some serious topography (or topo, as we abbrev it), so it makes for some good climbing. Climbing outside is really different, and all kinds of fun. I also set up my first anchor (like it sounds: essentially, the anchor that holds up the rope/climber at the top of the route) which David kindly walked me through, and was great in getting a real sense of/grip on the more technical aspects of climbing. It also means I’m one step closer to being proficient enough that I can lead my own trips, which is the ultimate goal. Woohoo.

And Sunday, today, was David’s birthday, so naturally–Morgan–I took him roller skating. It’s a right of passage, eh? He was also crazy awesome at it, which didn’t surprise me. We went to this place in the twin cities called Roller Garden; it was so classic. We must go there, you and me. It was blast. Afterwards we walked around Lake Calhoun, drove home, made yummy pizza. Overall, pretty rad day, I’d wager. It was kind of lame of me to give the trip as his gift, though, because let’s be honest, it was just as much fun for me as for him, if not more…

Hmm. Nothing much else to report here, really. I know this post was neither terribly profound nor interesting, but it’s something, at least.

Post back and tell me about Seattle! And adventures! And photos! Wow, I’m demanding.

Much loov,



P.S. An article I just wrote for the ‘tonian- no presh but peruse it if you are interested!




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